Adult Bible study

The Adult Education Bible Study is an on-going analysis and contemplation of Holy Scripture as known to and interpreted by the Catholic Church.  The Bible is examined either by book or  theme with commentary by known Catholic Bible scholars and theologians.  Each chapter is  accompanied by questions for research and discussion.  Periodically, the course will explore the origin of the Bible and the differences between the Catholic and other Christian Bibles to include interpretation, canon and other subjects.

We will be starting a new unit entitled Bible Basics for Catholics on Sunday, March 1, 2020.  The unit is an overview of the biblical story line and will last approximately 16 weeks.  The cost for the text will be approximately $6.

The Bible Study meets Sunday from 9:15 am until 10:15 am in the Parish Hall Library.  For more information, please contact Thomas McIntyre at (912) 996-8572 or email at

During this time of COVID 19, there are forms (waivers) required by the Diocese for in-person instruction such as Adult Bible Study.   Please find the form that applies to you.  Read, understand and sign the waiver and return it to Nancy Power, Director of Religious Education.  You may also drop it off at the church office.  You can find the forms here.