Poland Pilgrimage with Fr. Dawid Kwiatkowski –  June 13-22, 2023

Warsaw – Niepokalanow – Swinice Warckie – Czestochowa – Wadowice – Krakow – Zakopane – Auschwitz – Lagiewniki (Divine Mercy) – Wieliczka

As you make your way to Poland, Land of Kings, Saints, and Divine Mercy!  Walk in the footsteps of Saint John Paul II – from where he was born, baptized, where he became a Priest – Bishop – Cardinal, and where he spent his time visiting as Pope. Take in the Shrine of Divine Mercy (in Lagiewniki) and be drawn closer to the life of St. Faustina and her Divine Mercy message. One of the most obvious works of mercy, and perhaps the most difficult to put into practice, is to forgive others. This pilgrimage will teach you, and allow you, to be able to forgive. For more information, please go to https://www.pilgrimages.com/frdawid/.

Sacred Heart Church in Warner Robins is offering a Men’s and Women’s Conference on Saturday, September 24.   The cost is only $25 a person and it is open to anyone in the Diocese.  I have attached a jpeg with a QR code to more information and the registration.  If room, please advertise in your bulletin and on social media.  Thank you!





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